UML for manager

For managers and team leaders who need effective tools for a controlled and successful software development project.

Learn, by confronting problems

We offer training based on problems encountered by managers and  software development teams in the industry. 

Achievement No.1

Identify the issues

Identify key issues and risks from the pre-project phase.

Achievement No.2

Understanding UML

Understand UML representations to analyse, stimulate communication and make decisions.

Achievement No.3

Master software projects

Use UML as a main theme through the principal steps of a project.

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Yverdon-les-Bains or
other locations on request


1 day of training


Course given in French,
supports in English

« The supports are great and we start with the simple things of object-oriented programming ! »

A participant in an object-oriented and UML course

Main themes of the training

Identify the pitfalls of software

Even today, 50% of software developments fail.

To understand the root causes of these failures, the first part of the course will show how design issues arise spontaneously, right from the initial phase of software development projects.

  • Facts and figures.
  • Functional risks.
  • Technical risks.
  • Management risks.
  • Feedback.

Unravel complexity with the object-oriented

Located at a crossroads between physical process, users, and computer technology, software engineers must consider an immense amount of technical and functional factors that contribute to the high complexity of their task.

In this part, we will analyse how the object-oriented approach implements a natural structuring of knowledge, which facilitates the management of all this data.

  • A programming technique.
  • A conceptual approach.
  • Abstractions against complexity.
  • Complexity management, an example !

Model correctly with UML

In this part, we will present how to use UML to generate concrete representations of software concepts to analyse and share information, stimulate communication and creativity, and optimise software architecture and development efforts.

  • UML language.
  • Modelling.
  • Is it the right model?
  • Recommendations.

Perfect control of software development projects

This part will be dedicated to OSDM (Objectis Software Development Methodology) and its principles.

We will explain how to use UML as a main theme through the principal stages of a project, to lead to success in a manageable and predictable way

  • Use UML in a project.
  • Work with UML diagrams.
  • Phases and milestones.
  • Recommendations.

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