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Learning by Working: 100% in action and the real world

Become an engineer !

We give you practical training in the profession, in addition to academic training in employment, as proposed at the HEIG-VD and allowing you to obtain a title of engineer.

Earn a living !

Study while earning a living. Objectis adapts your remuneration according to your contributions and your autonomy, as you progress and have more responsibilities.

Develop your talents !

As part of a team of experts, you will quickly learn the methods and techniques of software engineering and put them into practice on concrete projects.

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On the scientific park


4 years at 50%, in parallel
to job training


Computer or automation
The Swiss industry is in dire need of qualified personnel in the new professions of the digital revolution. As a leader in industrial IT, we are committed to helping young people become part of the movement.

« It’s a privilege and responsibility to be a software engineer because we can change the world »

Grady Booch
Scientist & Philosopher
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They joined Objectis Junior Academy

« Having the desire to continue my training while keeping in touch with the professional environment, I was looking for a company that was flexible and capable of meeting those needs.

Objectis not only succeeded in meeting my expectations, but it also gave me the opportunity to thrive in a motivated team and contribute to the development of the company by entrusting me very quickly with managing projects. »

Michaël Brouchoud, 2015

« Today, automation technologies are increasingly in close collaboration with IT, so it was important for an automation engineer like me to move in this direction.

Objectis, gave me the opportunity to work and learn in the industry 4.0 world, while combining the training offered by the HEIG-VD in employment. The practical and theoretical aspects are therefore in perfect harmony.

The result of this combination is a strong personal and professional development with a continuous enrichment of knowledge. »

Franck Barré, 2017

« Our proposal to combine a strong professional experience with academic training is for all computer and automation enthusiasts. Its vocation is to enable them to achieve a high level of mastery in their profession and therefore become recognised players in the digital revolution ! »

François Birling
Professor at HEIG-VD and founder of Objectis

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