Achieve great UI in WPF

For developers who want to gain solid knowledge of WPF so as to create intuitive and rich HMIs.

WPF training course for HMI creation

This course is perfect for industry professionals who would like to evolve in surprising new directions and develop more modern and ergonomic user interfaces.

Achievement No.1

Master WPF

Discover the mechanisms of language and how to put in motion the “magic” of WPF.

Achievement No.2

Create great HMIs

Get the knowledge
to create intuitive and attractive HMIs.

Achievement No.3

Take advantage of our experience

Benefit from the tips and feedback that Objectis has obtained during its projects.

Useful information


Yverdon-les-Bains or
other locations on request


3 days of training


Course given in French,
supports in English

Who is this course for?

Developers or insiders
Do you have the prerequisites ?

Prerequisites: To undertake this course, it is necessary to know the basics of C#. If this is not the case, we advise you to take the Master C# course.

Industry-oriented training


Get the knowledge
to realise remarkable


Learn how to benefit from
the WPF’s « Magic ».


Practical tips taken from
real experiences by

« The course is attractive and very well structured ! »

A participant in the HMI creation course with WPF

Course content

Discover the power of WPF

The purpose of the first day is to understand the basics of the WPF framework. We will have a glimpse of its architecture and its potential for exploitation.

  • QuickStart in WPF
  • Basic classes in WPF
  • Threading model
  • WPF controls architecture and common properties
  • Content controls
  • Items controls
  • Basic 2D drawing


Master the WPF techniques

From the basic knowledge already acquired, the second day is about the details of WPF implementation.

  • Master XAML
  • Dependency properties
  • Basic events
  • Attached properties and events
  • Layout
  • Styles & models system
  • Deploying the application

Create revolutionary HMIs

On the third day, you will truly experience the magic of WPF. You will familiarise yourself with the famous “design pattern” for a good separation of aspects, named MVVM. Finally, you will learn to develop reusable controls and give them a striking appearance and comfort of use.

  • Links & Converter
  • Data validation
  • Orders
  • Main view/detailed view
  • Separation of data models & MVVM
  • Development & skinning of re-usable controls.




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