Master C#

For developers who wish to master C#, with practical work oriented on the problems of the industry.

Learn, in immersion

This training course is of a high level and industry-oriented. Professional software developers in the industry will master the power of the object-oriented and know how to exploit the flexibility offered by C# for the realiSation of human machine interface, vision, or non real-time automation applications.

Achievement No.1

Master C#

Obtain the knowledge to develop with a modern, current language.

Achievement No.2

Practice on concrete real situations

Take advantage of a first
experience in C# with
practical, concrete exercises

Achievement No.3

Take advantage of our experience

Benefit from the tips and feedback that Objectis has obtained during its projects.

Useful information


Yverdon-les-Bains or
other locations on request


2 days of training


Course given in French,
supports in English


Developers or insiders.
Do you have the prerequisites ?

Prerequisites : It is advisable to know another programming language before starting this course, if possible in object-oriented. If this is not the case, the introductory C + or object-oriented course with UML would be a good foundation.

« The exercises are adapted and very motivating! »

A participant in the introductory to C# course

The main themes of the training

The object-oriented with C#

Discovery of the object-oriented possibilities of C#.

  • Create encapsulated features and guarantee their independence
  • Notions of properties, methods, classes, interfaces, etc.
  • Constructors: create an object properly.
  • Disposable: free resources, associated mechanisms of language.
  • Delegates, events
  • Principles of object orientation in C#: inheritance, polymorphism, virtual method.

Advanced elements of C#

Exploring the advanced features of C#.

  • Genericity: understanding the principles and learning to use them.
  • .Net platform preview.
  • Simple and generic containers.
  • Anonymous types
  • Threading
  • Xml
  • Async and dynamic overview




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