Master C++

For developers who wish to master C++, with practical work oriented on problems of the industry.

Learn, by practicing

This training is for professionals and industry-oriented. Developers of industrial software and the embedded world will love the power offered by object orientation.

Achievement No.1

Master C++

You will develop knowledge of the mechanisms of language so as to be capable of preparing for a technological shift.

Achievement No.2

Practice on concrete real situations

Take advantage of a first experience in C++ with practical, concrete exercises

Achievement No.3

Take advantage of our experience

Benefit from the tips and feedback that Objectis has obtained during its projects.

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Yverdon-les-Bains >or
other locations on request


1 day of training


Course given in French,
supports in English


Developers or insiders.
Do you have the prerequisites ?

Prerequisites: It is advisable to know some programming language before starting this course.

« Very interesting project, allows you to learn and practice the subject »

A participant in the C++ introduction course

The main themes of the training

Know C++

The first part of the course focuses on notions allowing a good mastery of specificities of C++.

  • Structuring a project, namespaces.
  • C++ specific data types.
  • « Override » functions.
  • Using C libraries in C++.
  • Notion of “references”, exploitation instead of pointers.
  • Exploitation of “exceptions” for elegant error management.
  • Understanding and mastering dynamic memory allocation.


Use the power of the object-oriented

Discovery of the object-oriented possibilities of C++.

  • Create encapsulated features and guarantee their independence.
  • Notions of method, class, “this” pointer, accessors, etc.
  • Constructor/destructor: create and destroy an object properly
  • Dynamic or static instantiation of objects
  • Principles of object orientation in C++: inheritance, polymorphism, virtual method.
  • Exploit operators by « override» them

Advanced elements

Exploring the advanced features of C++.

  • Genericity: understanding the principles and learning to use them.
  • Overview of the Standard Template Library.
  • Awareness of the limitations of using STL in the context of real-time software.
  • Other libraries available.




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