Benefit from our platforms

To accelerate, standardize and ensure your developments while relying on new technologies developed for the industry !

 Industry 4.0 software platform for special machine


#Automation #Special machine #Industry 4.0

With a robust, modular and flexible management platform that integrates:

  • complete control of the machine
  • robotics and vision processing
  • safety management
  • commissioning facilities/installation
  • industry 4.0 standard connectivity

oFactory Work Order

#Supervision #OF #Workflow

Supervise your production equipment  
with a platform for digitalization process that offers:

  • real-time supervision
  • production flexibility
  • load / capacity planning
  • light integration with your systems


#AR #Industry 4.0

Innovate in industrial operations with mixed reality  and

  • guide and train operators
  • assist quality control
  • live support for logistics operations
  • and many other new openings
 IoT protocol for application connection


#Standard protocol #Free #Open source

Simply connect your applications with each other and with the Internet of Things (IoT) by using an open and free protocol based on web standards.

HMI software platform

Concept Hmi 

#User interface #HMI #WPF #Web

Accelerate and standardize your software development by :

  • quickly creating modern interfaces
  • taking advantage of your professional knowledge
  • standardizing your technical culture
  • interconnecting your applications
real-time software platform

Concept Rt

#Real-time #Embedded #technological independence

Create real-time and effective applications that offer:

  • an independent hardware code
  • high flexibility and modularity
  • IoT connectivity


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