Automate your special machines. Faster. Economically.

Automation facilitated

oMachine is a standardised platform, the result of more than 30 years of experience, combining the strength of market-recognised PLC technologies and new industrial computing technologies. 

A design guided by proven machine control models over many projects.

A development  
accelerated with efficient mechanisms and on-shelf components.

A development accelerated with efficient mechanisms and on-shelf components.

A simple preventive maintenance to implement thanks to the platform opening.


is a robust, modular and flexible platform that integrates

  • complete control of the machine
  • robotics and vision processing
  • security management
  • Industry 4.0 standard connectivity


Faster & cost-saving

oMachine is developed in an object-oriented environment, which allows great efficiency, even for complex projects. In addition, the simulation mode renders software development independent of machine availability.

Deadlines and costs are minimised and controlled.

Compatible with market technologies

oMachine is compatible with all the technologies of the market, such as :




Connect your machines to Industry 4.0

oMachine is built on a communicating and secure architecture, allowing a simple, reliable and fast connection between machines, to your production network or to your database, in particular via OPC-UA.

You’d like to subcontract the output

We customise oMachine to your needs and ensure commissioning, in record times and at very attractive costs.

You’d like to do it

We train you towards the best use of the platform and we remain at your disposal to accompany you throughout the project.

Built-in features

Your reusable components

Real time

Trace & Live Focus


Industry 4.0 Connectivity

Your custom HMI

Modular process

Contextual help


oMachine in action

«Thanks to oMachine, Objectis has supported us in achieving a particularly advanced software integration. This high-speed machine’s software ensures dialogue between an industrial robot, the databases ensuring the traceability of all operations performed and multiple RFID readers »

Robotic RFID configuration

Thierry Gerber, Director

« Objectis is a serious and dynamic partner with whom we have breathed new life into our products with current and innovative solutions »

High-end beader

  Frank Barbier, Application Manager

« oMachine has made a complete retrofit of our cleaning machine with a measured budget. With Objectis we now have a partner who masters our installation and who is able to ensure its evolution. »

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning

Precision polisher


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