Digitise your production

in order to supervise your plant in real time, optimise your productivity and increase your quality

Supervise your plant in real time

Supervise your plant in real time

Whether it’s to measure the performance of your production tool or to look after the modern image of your lines, our experts intervene to:

  • Interconnect your equipment;
  • Collect, process and store your data;
  • Create OEE dashboards;
  • Design a modular and scalable architecture;
  • Develop specific screens, according to your needs.

Thanks to our oFactory platform, we offer tailor-made, ergonomic and economically interesting solutions.

Optimise your productivity

Optimise your productivity

Production lines are information mines that can be analysed in order to maximise productivity, including :

  • Control and monitor processes (SPC)
  • Identify the source of non-quality conformity
  • Preventative equipment maintenance.

The oFactory platform is designed to meet specific needs using intelligent processing algorithms for BigData. It is on this basis that we deliver turnkey solutions, tailored to your specific needs, in record time.

Digitise your production orders

Digitise your production orders

Replacing follow-up sheets sent through production workshops by an easy-to-use solution that is interconnected to your information systems is :

  • Mastery and optimisation of delivery times
  • Serene management of priority changes
  • Tracking your production tool in real time
  • Better traceability and continuous improvement

In just 3 months, your production facilities are equipped with televisions and tablets thanks to our DigiOf product, for paperless, more flexible and more efficient production.

Establish your digitization strategy

Establish your digital strategy

Aware of the latest trends in the Swiss industry, we’ll develop your roadmap with you so as to accelerate your progress towards Industry 4.0 :

  • Establish a profitable, step-by-step strategy
  • Digitise your processes and interconnect your machines
  • Collect, process and store your data
  • Optimise and flexibilise your production


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