Connect your smart devices

From firmware on embedded modules to web portals, with secure data

IoT web site

IoT web portals

Do you need a web solution to access your connected devices, available in your PC or smartphone ? And offering the following features:

  • Facility monitoring of your installations
  • Remote control and set-up
  • Real time alerts
  • Safe data management

Thanks to our oFactory platform, we offer customized, ergonomic and economically attractive solutions that take advantage of the power of new web technology.

BigData and data usage

BigData and data usage

Data science is at its peak and there is plenty of available opportunities

  • Smart and autonomous decision-making system
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Detection of suspicious behavior

Today, the market offers mature solutions, both for the storage of huge amounts of information and for processing, with, for example, machine learning technologies. Our experts are ready to help you make the best use of it.

Our solutions are particularly tailored for

Real state




Firmware for embedded systems

Firmware for embedded systems

Our specialists offer high-performance and robust applications with minimal memory and energy usage. The applications incorporate:

  • Compliance with real time restrictions
  • Modularity management and system scalability
  • Optimized signal processing algorithms
  • Light communication interface

Depending on the nature of your needs, we deliver customized firmware or you can do it yourself and benefit from the power provided by our ConceptRt platform, as well as our training in C ++ for embedded applications.


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