Development time is divided and complexity mastered

High-performance platform for embedded computing

Object-oriented platform

ConceptRt is a software platform designed to facilitate the development of powerful and sophisticated real-time applications for automation.

The ConceptRt object model provides all that is needed to design an application.

In addition, it naturally takes into account the variability of machine configurations and highly flexible processes.

This meets the need for extensibility of today’s machines.

Available Platforms

Technological independence

The ConceptRt abstraction layer has been designed to make real-time applications independent of the underlying technologies.

ConceptRt enables the change of hardware, real-time OS and application development tools at any time without impacting the source code.

In addition, ConceptRt protects your application development investment from technology changes..

As a result, project agility and flexibility are improved.


ConceptRt is the real-time part of the Concept platform, specifically designed to unleash the full power of the object-oriented, while offering maximum and deterministic performance.

Real time

ConceptRt now makes it possible to develop highly flexible real-time software to drive high-performance automated solutions, with cycle times of up to 100 μs on a PC.

The abstraction of the fieldbus

The time spent on fieldbus technologies is an important part of an industrial application development project.

Thanks to its management of IO systems, any application based on ConceptRt is independent of the choice of fieldbus technology.

This implies that development can focus on the application’s sustainability and ROI.

The development of the application is revolutionised thanks to its Live Tuning tool

Embedded Software

Thanks to its optimised design, ConceptRt can also work on resource-limited processor modules.

Its small memory footprint and efficient implementation allow it to integrate easily into the most demanding embedded applications.


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