Development time is divided and complexity mastered

Powerful framework for accelerated development of sophisticated HMIs

The new HMI platform for the industry

ConceptHmi is the software platform specifically designed for the development of flexible and sophisticated HMI applications for the industry.

The ConceptHmi object model offers all the tools needed to make smartphone-friendly, easy-to-use applications.

In addition, it naturally takes into account all the configuration variability of a real machine and highly flexible processes.

It also offers a plugin extension mechanism to fit all the changing needs of today’s machines.

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Structuring business knowledge

The European industry market is distinguished by a vast know-how of processes. This experience, often disseminated in the form of oral culture, is a company’s most valuable asset.

Objectis Software Development Methodology (OSDM) devotes special attention to the structuring and consolidation of this knowledge in a formalism accessible to all.

Used in combination with OSDM, ConceptHmi significantly reduces code volume, thanks to its implementation model that strongly factors development, and a wide range of highly reusable features.


ConceptHmi takes advantage of the Microsoft.Net Framework and WPF technology capabilities to efficiently build stylised Human Machine Interfaces. The entire platform is written in C# programming language.


The applications developed on ConceptHmi offer users an excellent visual appeal. This asset has a very strong impact on the market, the user experience and the design quality that have become essential values in a software application.

Develop applications extremely quickly

The purpose of ConceptHmi is to develop extremely quickly intuitive and very flexible Human Machine Interfaces.

Based on the advantages of object-oriented approaches and a vast automation experience, this framework is ideal for performing HMI to configure, control and supervise machining processes.

ConceptHMI® offers code-factorisation mechanisms and easily reusable components, increasing productivity and reducing costs by a factor of 2 to 10. In addition, it uses skinnable technologies that make applications highly customisable.

A scalable software architecture

The environment of machines and measuring instruments is by nature extremely scalable. Innovation and differentiation capabilities are essential for market growth.

Using modern software principles and object-oriented schemes intensively, ConceptHmi unleashes its maximum potential on highly flexible automated systems, in which :

  • The process is flexible and can be fully configured by the end user.
  • The machine can be adapted to the end client by integrating optional devices, requiring deep configurations.

Boosted by innovative technologies

ConceptHmi is a state-of-the-art industrial software platform. This product is heavily based on the .NET Framework and WPF. This scalable platform adapts high value-added PC technologies to make them accessible to the industry market. 


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