Automate your equipment

With smart control, flexible and connected software, which offers an intuitive, aesthetic and graphical interface.

Modular software framework

Modular software framework

Take advantage of the experience accumulated through dozens of frameworks we have created to accelerate your productivity platform development, offering

  • Machine and modular process management
  • A Knowledge formalization (know-how management)
  • Independence and technological openness
  • A conversational and dynamic HMI

We work closely with your teams so you may take advantage of our experience, our ConcepHmi software platform and the training sessions. We are organized in such way that you will become 100% autonomous with your new solution if that is what you seek.

Turn-key automation

Turn-key automation

We take care of your machine automation, which usually includes the following activities:

  • Establish a solution that adapts to the process that needs to be automated
  • Program and deploy PLC and CNC
  • Integrate robotics with the industrial vision
  • Manage the machine safety
  • Establish ergonomics and design
  • Create an intuitive and modern GUI

Thanks to our oMachine platform, specifically designed to control special machines, you will benefit from state-of-the-art automation with robust modular control software with an organized graphical interface.

Our specialists are trained with the market’s technological principles

HMI of intuitive control and design

HMI intuitive control and design

The PC-based solutions offer great opportunities to satisfy the modularity, connectivity and graphics needs of machines and modern instruments:

  • Intuitive and aesthetic graphical interface
  • Highly modular equipment
  • Business know-how and process digitization
  • Local or centralized data processing and storage
  • Interconnection with information systems

We rely on our ConceptHmi platform to deliver your new control HMI in no time. You also have the opportunity to get trained in our technologies and do things yourself.

Establish your digitization strategy

Establish your digital strategy

Aware of the latest trends in the Swiss industry, we’ll develop your roadmap with you so as to accelerate your progress towards Industry 4.0 :

  • Establish a profitable, step-by-step strategy
  • Digitise your processes and interconnect your machines
  • Collect, process and store your data
  • Optimise and flexibilise your production


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