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We are a company that specializes in software innovation and we are delighted to help our customers take advantage of the digital revolution, especially the IoT and in the industry 4.0.

Our experience is based on technological consulting, as well as on the design and development of industrial and innovative software solutions. Driven by human values such as commitment and respect, we enjoy taking on challenges in order to deliver innovation and quality to our clients to transform their vision into success !


Human dimension

We are passionate about machines as well as software engineering! What we enjoy the most is to put both worlds at the service of our clients. Listening to?, supporting, celebrating their success, authentic relations, without strings attached, this is what drives us. 


We cultivate quality, competence and we like complex industrial and technological challenges. We enjoy innovating and contributing to productivity gain. We help our clients address their needs and build their future together with humans and machines.


It is a key component. Our job can only be done with the collaboration of all the knowledge combined and in a good environment.
In order to do so, we provide methods and techniques which allow for the adequate exchange of information among the different areas of our clients.

Sustainable results

Our team is formed by 35 trained, passionate and committed engineers. They are inspired by the idea of better connecting humans and machines. We mobilize our knowledge and our experience so that our clients may reach the desired outcomes, not only once or twice, but in the long run.


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